We’re striving to make the lettings industry simple and fair.

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Our values

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The Lettings4u. Way

The culture at Lettings4u. is held by three values. Be real, Love what you do, Grow like crazy.

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Be real.

We say what we mean and we do what we say. There are never any hidden costs or catches.

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Love what you do.

We make the lettings process enjoyable for everyone. Changing the lettings industry for good.

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Grow like crazy.

We’re here to make a big impact on people’s lives and think big to make the world better.

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Our Vision

We exist to create safe places for people to live in and are actively working towards a world where everyone has a good home. We do this by making moving simple for everyone and we house a homeless person for one night for every agent that signs up to Lettings4u.

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A carbon negative company

We all know that the world needs to reach net-zero as soon as possible. We believe that those of us who can move faster and do more should do so. That’s why we work hard to not only remove Lettings4u’s carbon footprint but to contribute more by offsetting more than we emit.

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A message from our founders

We've all experienced the pain of an outdated system. The frustration that it could all be so much kinder on the people involved. The thrill of a new idea. The positive energy of envisioning how things could be. The delight that it might actually work, despite possible challenges along the way. This is our inspiration for Lettings4u. Making the lettings industry simple and fair is what drives us. We have a bold vision for a world where everyone lives in a good home. We invite you to join the movement. 

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